Hunter Gatherer Expands Horizons

Hunter Gatherer, in Kilauea, takes us on a road where gratification, art, beauty, and comfort appeal to the human spirit. Step over the threshold to connect with the senses. Take in the vibrant colors at every turn. Notice the reddish-orange copper. Imagine it in your own kitchen. Inhale the incense of floral, spice, and herbs. Was that a feeling of diversion or simply an amusing flash-back? Run your finger along the folds of linen, the frailty of abalone, the softness of cotton. Wander about. Take your time. This pursuit of happiness is a leisurely quest for hidden treasure in plain sight. Whether you are an impulse buyer or a pensive shopper, Hunter Gatherer, on the North Shore, will accompany you on this journey of thoughtful assurance. There are a multitude of items to beguile the collector in all of us.

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