Up, Up, and Away

Ascending miles above the town on hairpin curves, where the air turned thin and cool, we wound our way to the Waimea Canyon Lookout Point towering 3400 feet above sea level. At the edge of the parking lot, an ambitious entrepreneur set up an umbrella-shaded fruit stand. Dozens of cardboard crates were piled high with fresh cut bananas, avocados, passion fruit (lilikoi), mangos, dragon fruit, and pineapples, plus a refreshing natural juice bar was on hand. We absorbed the vibrant colors and ripe aromas for a few moments before continuing on. An uphill climb on a concrete footpath led us to the crest of the lookout where we received the most amazing surprise! “It’s a rainbow!”, I exclaimed from the ridge-top formation. Dividing the sky in half, between rugged mountain formations and low lying clouds, was the most brilliant arc of light illuminating the scene. Without a doubt the landscape before us was a celestial masterpiece beyond human sensibility. We stood there in awe….and then took countless photographs until it dissipated into thin air. 

16 thoughts on “Up, Up, and Away

  1. Gail, you’re story is so vivid I felt as though I was there. It somewhat reminded me of the Road to Hana trip on Maui. I went with one of our twins, and it was wonderful and memorable day. Thanks for taking me back.

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