WaterMan Versus Raging Sea

“It’s probably Laird Hamilton. No one else would dare go out and surf in waves that high today,” the waitress calmly surmised. We watched as if hypnotized by the lone surfer riding the massive waves of the North Shore. At times the sea acted like a bucking broncho, changing directions with powerful strength. And yet Hamilton, the standup paddling surfer, never succumbed to the superior force of Nature. In fact, upon closer scrutiny, a high-powered jet ski seemed to run parallel perfectly poised at the end of the surf to drop a line. As if on cue, the two connected and the waterman was hauled back out to another monstrous wall of waves. There the process was repeated over and over again. We must have watched the systematic series of actions for almost an hour, completely mesmerized by these well synchronized human machines. No doubt we were witnessing one of the best surfers in the world who made danger look like child’s play. Until you see a man freely standing on a surfboard, it’s impossible to judge the height of these wave banks. Only then do you witness the scale of Man versus Sea. Truth be told, thresholds can reach up to 30 feet making the surf extremely dangerous for inexperienced surfers. The North Shore trek did not disappoint. Beauty was in the eye of the beholder. 

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