Put the Chips Away, SPAM SNACKS are Here!

Move over Beef Jerky and Slim Jim, you’ve got competition. There’s a new sheriff in town and his name is SPAM SNACKS! You may recall a recent post of mine entitled: “The Mystery of Spam”.* While visiting the island of Kauai, I discovered the Hawaiian obsession with the popular canned meat, Spam. I was so intrigued by it that I had to learn more. Islanders shared it’s versatility in recipes, it’s multitude of flavors, it’s gluten-free health benefits, and it’s prevalence as a household staple. Needless to say, I indulged. Yesterday I received a small package in the mail, postmarked Hawaii, from my dear friend, Noreen. Inside was the biggest surprise of all, a packet SPAM SNACKS! She discovered this new on-the-go snack item at the local convenience store there and immediately thought of me. (I hope you popped open a bag for yourself, Noreen!). Without further delay, Gerald and I tore into the bag and reveled in the chewy taste of real bacon. The bite-sized portions are a delicious alternative to devouring a bag of potato chips. Trust me. Now if only Hormel Foods could just figure out how to incorporate the salty taste of Spam into a snack that would satisfy a sweet tooth as well. Hmmmm. What’s next, Chocolate-Covered Spam Snacks?!
*Follow the link for “The Mystery of Spam”.


5 thoughts on “Put the Chips Away, SPAM SNACKS are Here!

  1. I did read your previous article and found it very interesting and also amusing that Spam is a delicacy of sorts in Hawaii. Before I became vegetarian some 33yrs ago, I had tried tinned Spam and thought it just awful. I wonder if it’s changed!!


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