Dining Outside the Home: Passports in Gloucester, Massachusetts 

Dining Outside the Home: Passports Restaurant in Gloucester, Massachusetts! Everything about this quaint little bistro nestled in the heart of historic downtown screams culture. Unique local art is part of the decor. Instead of rolls, a server comes to the table with a basket of freshly baked popovers. Yes, popovers….with real butter. Yum. The sidewalk placard out front announces daily specials to show you the way. It did for me anyway. The Smoked Salmon Sandwich was layered with what seemed like a half pound of thick-cut, salty salmon. There must have been some lemon in the slather of creamed cheese topped with red onion slices. It was all good. If only there was more time to explore this rustic homespun town of Gloucester. It definitely deserves a double-take. 

18 thoughts on “Dining Outside the Home: Passports in Gloucester, Massachusetts 

  1. I have been many times in Gloucester, since my Mom’s family roots began in Rockport, Massachusetts. Did you ever buy Tuck’s Candy at Tuck’s Pharmacy near Bear Skin Neck? Their toffee bark with either milk or dark chocolate was scrumptious.
    I am not sure which restaurants we ate in Gloucester, though I do remember small stands and picnic tables on country roads buying Ipswich deep fried clams. ❤

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    • I loved that area!!! Sadly we only spent a couple hours in Gloucester as well as Rockport. I believe I purchased some exquisite linen tea towels in the shop you mentioned. Next year, when we return, we intend to spend much more time and possibly even a night or two. The residents were incredibly friendly.


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