15 thoughts on “How to Defeat Age

    • Erika, I meant for this post to appear on Saturday (as the same for yesterday’s quote) but for some reason the queue file is not working. Have you noticed an error when pre-posting? Apple has just installed an update that may be the cause. I have contacted WP Help Center without response.

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      • The only thing I was told that happened at times with my quotes was that there appear two quotes in the same post on the reader. That is strange because I make a separate post for each quote…. I have now idea how they got mixed together. Anyway, when I looked at the post itself all was well. But basically there was never a post that was published other than at the time I scheduled it.
        I have to say that I have no experience with Apple. So I don’t know how that can influence it. I hope you get it fixed soon, Gail!

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      • Thanks, Erika. I appreciate your response. I keep hoping others are seeing the same issue. I have not received a response yet, so I’ll probably try again this afternoon to see what happens. Blessings! 🍓

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