Irresistible Draw of Boating

Nawiliwili Small Boat Harbor is Oasis for Ocean Recreation! Whether you are a boat owner, or simply admire the energy of being a free-spirit, visit any marina for an enthusiastic encounter. Blue sky, aqua-green water are a winning combination in my book. “hark, now hear the sailors cry,

smell the sea, and feel the sky 

let your soul and spirit fly, 

into the mystic…” 

~ Van Morrison

I stumbled upon this vision of adventure one balmy afternoon. If you have a boat and you need a place to rest, look no further than Kalapaki Bay. The berths are spacious, with 5 multi-hull moorings, a landing pier, loading dock, fish hoist, pump-out station, and adequate vessel wash down area make it appealing. Sightseeing and fishing are purely optional. A sailing instructor is available, if you feel the need for affirmation and helpful tips upon the open waters. Safety is Number One, after all. Do I sail or own a boat, you wonder? Not at all. But I do appreciate the irresistible draw of boating. Who wouldn’t?

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