Ainsley’s Café and Harbor Bar in Brookville, Indiana

Dining Outside the Home: Ainsley’s Café and Harbor Bar in Brookville, Indiana. It’s always a good sign when boat owners swarm to the marina basin to remove slip covers from their vessels. That means the weather is getting warmer and Spring Fever has struck. Ainsley’s Café offers the perfect sunny side view of Brookville Lake and all the activity the lake provides. In the distance you may see a golfer tee off at the nearby Harbor Links Golf Club. Or a pontoon boat leisurely coasting into open waters. Check out the jet skis criss-crossing like synchronized dancers. When you dine on the outdoor deck for a midday lunch or sunset dinner, you may need to pinch yourself as a reminder this is real. The food is as fresh as the air you breathe. Whether it’s a Girl’s Getaway, Date Night, or Family Outing, Ainsley’s Café on Brookville Lake is time well-spent.

Tom Ham’s Lighthouse in San Diego, California

Dining Outside the Home: Tom Ham’s Lighthouse in San Diego, California. Did you ever wish, as a kid, that you could eat in a real lighthouse? How cool is that?! Tom Ham understood the allure of making dreams comes true. This is the only restaurant in the United States to have a USCG operated and maintained lighthouse attached to it. Its location is even listed on nautical maps as Beacon #9, making Tom Ham’s Lighthouse an architectural landmark. Dine outside on a sunny day with a view of Harbor Island, Coronado Bridge, the San Diego Bay, and skyline. Munch away on Corn and Shrimp fritters before ordering the fresh Tuna Niçoise Salad. This is just a sampling of the fabulous food you’ll experience from the restaurant on the water’s edge. Thank you, Mr. Ham, for making dreams come true.

Harbor House Restaurant in San Diego, California

Dining Outside the Home: Harbor House Restaurant in San Diego, California. Who doesn’t get a thrill from watching adventurous boat traffic at the edge of a bustling downtown mecca? Harbor House Restaurant understands the thriving draw of Seaport Village. Have a seat in the open-air hotspot to watch the massive military vessels, luxurious yachts, and recreational traffic pass by. The landscape is ever-changing. When the food arrives, the experience kicks up a notch. For starters, the Ahi Tower is perfect for sharing. Notice the avocado, crabmeat, and papaya. It is a decadent prelude to the special of the day that will make your eyes practically roll back: Asiago-Crusted Sea Bass over a bed of creamy parmesan risotto. Now you understand why people flock to this area.

Dining Outside the Home: Ainsley’s Café and Harbor Bar in Brookville, Indiana

Dining Outside the Home: Ainsley’s Café and Harbor Bar in Brookville, Indiana! When the weather is hot and sunny, get away where old friends meet to reminisce about the glory days, mixed in with current events and fabulous food. Ainsley’s Café makes you feel as though the vacation never ends. Everyone who comes here is happy and full of life, including the staff. It’s like family reunions without all the drama. Sit outside where the breeze is fresh and the outstanding view is nonstop. Take your time, life is easy. This is is way things were meant to be.

What is Motif Number One?

In the quaint harbor town of Rockport, Massachusetts, is a little fishing shack with a huge history. So much so, it has been deemed the “most often-painted building in America”. Initially home to a colony of artists and avid fishermen, the shack was built, at the end of a granite wharf, in the 1840s as a symbol of maritime life. Artists favored it for the simple composition and ideal lighting, making it appealing on canvas. Locals readily offer tidbits of Hollywood films shot at this location: “Finding Nemo” and especially Sandra Bullock’s 2009 blockbuster entitled, “The Proposal”. Now that you see the charming little shack with its weathered red paint, perhaps you’ll flock to Rockport for a closeup of Motif Number One.*
*”Motif” is a French term for a distinctive and recurring subject in a work of art. 

Irresistible Draw of Boating

Nawiliwili Small Boat Harbor is Oasis for Ocean Recreation! Whether you are a boat owner, or simply admire the energy of being a free-spirit, visit any marina for an enthusiastic encounter. Blue sky, aqua-green water are a winning combination in my book. “hark, now hear the sailors cry,

smell the sea, and feel the sky 

let your soul and spirit fly, 

into the mystic…” 

~ Van Morrison

I stumbled upon this vision of adventure one balmy afternoon. If you have a boat and you need a place to rest, look no further than Kalapaki Bay. The berths are spacious, with 5 multi-hull moorings, a landing pier, loading dock, fish hoist, pump-out station, and adequate vessel wash down area make it appealing. Sightseeing and fishing are purely optional. A sailing instructor is available, if you feel the need for affirmation and helpful tips upon the open waters. Safety is Number One, after all. Do I sail or own a boat, you wonder? Not at all. But I do appreciate the irresistible draw of boating. Who wouldn’t?