What is Motif Number One?

In the quaint harbor town of Rockport, Massachusetts, is a little fishing shack with a huge history. So much so, it has been deemed the “most often-painted building in America”. Initially home to a colony of artists and avid fishermen, the shack was built, at the end of a granite wharf, in the 1840s as a symbol of maritime life. Artists favored it for the simple composition and ideal lighting, making it appealing on canvas. Locals readily offer tidbits of Hollywood films shot at this location: “Finding Nemo” and especially Sandra Bullock’s 2009 blockbuster entitled, “The Proposal”. Now that you see the charming little shack with its weathered red paint, perhaps you’ll flock to Rockport for a closeup of Motif Number One.*
*”Motif” is a French term for a distinctive and recurring subject in a work of art. 

23 thoughts on “What is Motif Number One?

  1. My great grandparents came from Sweden as immigrants and fell in love with the rocky coast line of New England. Their favorite ocean bay was Cape Ann. My Mom’s family created a candy company named Tuck’s. My great uncle was a pharmacist whose pharmacy served ice cream, sodas and sold Tuck’s Candies. Mom spent her 16th summer there working, I did the same thing. If my Great Uncle asked me to run down Bear Skin Neck to the wharf, I could buy a lobster for $5. ❀️ My family all painted Motif #1 and love this pretty red old boat building. 🎈

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