Red Dirt Waterfall Spills Ribbons of Color

Take Route 550 slowly up Waimea Canyon Road on the west side of Kauai. Pull over for a scenic view of a strange phenomenon. On one side of the winding road is a man-made waterfall where the gushing water juts through red clay earth spilling the stream into shades of yellow and orange. Snap a photo for substantiation. Cross the road and you’ll find another area of mystery. Stones of varying sizes and shapes are stacked helter-skelter to the edge of the cliff creating a sacred-like appearance. Like hallowed ground. What does it all mean? Ahu. Is it an insult to Pele, the volcano goddess? Or a breach of the natural beauty intended for spiritual energy? Stop and listen. All is quiet aside from the gentle wind whistling in your ears against a backdrop of rushing water. Some native Hawaiians say it is bad luck for the island stones and lava rocks to be moved around or taken home by visiting tourists. It is disrespectful and sabotages the importance of preserving the island’s natural beauty, according to National Park officials. The golden rule of national parks is that visitors should “take only pictures and leave only footprints.” Whether you call them cairns, stacking rocks, or ahu, be kind and pay homage to the Garden Isle of Kauai. 

27 thoughts on “Red Dirt Waterfall Spills Ribbons of Color

  1. Nice information again. I had just heard about Kauai previously, but thanks to ‘snapshotsincursive’ that I know at least something about a fabulous place in Hawaii. And the pictures just make the entire piece, an interesting one to read!

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  2. Our daughter worked off and on in Kauai! She is very serious about not moving the rocks or being disrespectful of the land, I had always been a shell or rock collector ! No more! Thanks for these gorgeous posts on Kauai!! Bless you!

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