Make Life an Adventure 

“We live in a wonderful world 

that is full of beauty, 

charm and adventure. 

There is no end to the 

adventures that we can have 

if only we seek them 

with our eyes open.” 

~ Jawaharlal Nehru

5 thoughts on “Make Life an Adventure 

  1. The title, the quote, and the quotes author express such wisdom. At first, i was puzzled by the snapshot, but after studying it, I thought it was telling me that perhaps I should get out of my recliner and go seeking an adventure in the world with my eyes open. So I did. And in my backyard I saw the flashing red throat of a hummingbird , the lilting soar of a swallowtail butterfly and a young robin unabashedly bathing in our bird bath. Thank you for sending me on a brief adventure.

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