22 thoughts on “Loneliness or Solitude

  1. On one hand we have a need for privacy and reflection time but on the other you don’t want to be totally isolated from people. Loneliness is when the isolation from others is undesired & too much. If people don’t like spending too much time alone I don’t think any distress they experience should be blamed entirely on their attitude, but at the same time I’m not ignoring the fact that perspective can influence our degree of pain.

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  2. ^Absolutely agree. The reasons for feeling lonely in a crowd can often be due to a lack of connection to the people around you or feeling like you’re the only person feeling awkward. Those feelings are most likely in group or mingling settings. Again perspective depends upon the settings an individual gets to socialize. A BIG reason why we can prefer solitude over ‘social’ settings is being free from that pressure to be talking to people.

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