Gift-Wrapping Like a Pro

When a fellow blogger encouraged me to share my love of gift-wrapping in a “How To” post on my blog, I couldn’t resist! Supplies are simple: satin ribbons, decorative boxes, colorful berries, gift tags, quirky embellishments, and framed photographs. Put them all together and you have a captivating gift-wrapped package that will have your friends and family adoring its beauty rather than trying to sneak a peek inside. Place the the gifts under the Christmas tree or on the fireplace hearth to spread excitement as well as anticipation of an upcoming event. Decorated packages become “Instant Décor”. Interesting boxes can be found anywhere all year long. Often greeting cards, scented candles, exotic fragrances, and luxury beauty products are packaged in unique and vibrant boxes. It’s a shame to discard them after opening when you can go “green” and give them a facelift as a phenomenal package for someone else. Satin ribbon is classy and elegant, in my opinion. Choose polka dots, geometrics, or muted tones. Make single or multiple bows. Angle cut the ends to create a nice finish. Incorporate any embellishment such as a sprig of rosemary, a pine cone, a branch of holly, or an interesting ornament. Let your creativity shine! Sometimes I attach a gift tag, other times I take a snapshot of the recipient and put it in a miniature frame. Who doesn’t love seeing photos? Afterwards, the frames hang on the tree as memorable ornaments. Just be sure to include the date on the back for reminiscing years later. Whatever you design, have fun and be creative. Anything goes!

24 thoughts on “Gift-Wrapping Like a Pro

  1. Lovely tips, Gail. I used to make wrappings like pieces of art, the same with Christmas cards. For example, I used embossing or napkin decoupage and combined it with other techniques. It was fun… as long as I had the time.

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  2. That is amazing.. I love Christmas but am a christmas wrapping slob I’m afraid.. looking at these.. I should change that.. ;-).. That’s because my kids get me every year and they tend to get the present way before due date which then makes Christmas kind of dull.. 😉

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  3. I love the ideas that you gave. It’s unique and super creative. What I usually do is I just attach a simple christmas greeting card. See how boring that is. HAHA. I might follow your suggestions when gift wrapping presents 🙂

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