14 thoughts on “Blues is a Tonic

  1. That’s saying I like it is Mama! Bring on dem blues babe! I got me some blues right now and I’m gonna give a listen to Joe Bonamassa who studied under the Great BB King! I saw the DVD I have live in concert several years back and it was awesome! Folks flew in from Europe and elsewhere to sit in on that live performance when a great time was had by all! ❣️

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      • No Kidding! Awesome, he is an amazing artist and cool cat! Your hubby is tuned in right!!! Dang this guy played with some legends too, of course BB and Eric Clapton! I loved the show it was the best thing I had been to in ages!!! I was sitting next to a couple that had flown in from Germany to not miss the show!!!
        I’m really feelings like I want to see him right now!!! Oh well the DVD will have to do.
        Hope your Hubby watches him now and again always a thrill….🎶 The guy is phenomenal, imagine being able to be that talented with a guitar! I took lessons as a kid but could never rise to any plateau, I don’t think I wanted to work that hard or just didn’t have that something! ❣

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