Key Lime Pie Bakery in Key West, Florida

Dining Outside the Home: Key Lime Pie Bakery! Key limes are as popular in the Florida Keys as conch shells on the beach. If you’ve never tasted one, imagine this: Key limes are more aromatic as well as a bit smaller than regular limes, thus making them less acidic and more tart. By adding sugar, eggs, and a graham cracker crust, the results are a tangy, sweet, light, and creamy dessert that may or may not cry out for a delicious dollop of whipped cream. Merengue is definitely not out of the question either. Drop in for a single slice or an entire pie. It’s convenient enough to make a second trip.

14 thoughts on “Key Lime Pie Bakery in Key West, Florida

  1. Gail I love Key Lime Pie! I made one once and it came out nice enough that I ate almost the whole thing myself! But the easy deal is a special small restaurant chain locally that has a few locations and that is their forte desserts so when you walk in the door you see the glass cases with all of the sweet temptations on display too; but as a takeout or be seated for a meal and dessert, although sometimes just the desert is filling enough, being humongous servings and so rich! I wonder why I’m thinking how I haven’t been there to take out a key lime pie in so long and now its time again! 🤣 👏

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