Duetto Pizza and Gelato in Key West, Florida

Dining Outside the Home: Duetto Pizza and Gelato in Key West, Florida! Just a stone’s throw off Duval Street is a cozy Italian eatery that serves New York-style thin crust pizza by the slice. Because a single slice can be bigger than your hand, you may see people folding it in half, especially if they’re peddling toward the beach or heading over to the waterfront pier. No judgement. If it keeps one from burning the roof of their mouth on the gooey cheese, I’m all for it. Whatever you choose, save a little room for fresh gelato. It’s made daily with milk, real fruit, and natural ingredients. No wonder it tastes so good.

9 thoughts on “Duetto Pizza and Gelato in Key West, Florida

  1. Yummy, I think I mentioned to you before it’s been years since I visited Florida and now you have me wanting to more each time you write these articles! Do you work for the Florida Council on Tourism? If not they should read some of these pieces!

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      • Well Gail, you could have fooled me, because I don’t use Instagram and this is all news to me! Gosh, then see I need to toss you an even bigger social bouquet for being so forthright and honest; besides which you are a very good facilitator and promoter of very interesting restaurants or specialty cuisine establishments for travelers and tourists to check out! Keep up the good work my friend!
        My best,

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