42 thoughts on “The Miracle of Humanity

  1. From seed…to flower…to fruit
    From dark earth…to surface…to light
    From thought…to word…to footsteps on the earth
    From conception…to birth…to death
    To a life fully lived
    The circle of the Dance of Life.

    I copied this down weeks ago, but can’t remember where it came from, sorry!

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  2. Is that a silver spaghetti server??? I love it, and the piece on the far right.

    I wholeheartedly agree with the quote. I was lucky to have my uniqueness celebrated in my mid 20s. Sooo many people don’t let theirs out till 40s or later, if at all.

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  3. It is very important that we invest to understand about our uniqueness, because when we know what it is that we are, we can take action towards it and make our life full of love and pure intentions. Thank you for the post:)

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