19 thoughts on “Do the Unexpected

  1. I have been deemed as an elephant, by one of my friends. Since she says I always remember stuff she’s said. (I cheat, and write it down! lol) So she is getting a stuffie to name after me! She buys a new stuffie to hug, for every new friend she makes. I might new to do that! Let’s see, what kind of stuffie would you be?? A camera in 1 hand, a spatula in the other, fer sure!

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  2. Love this graphic and adore elephants – one of the reasons I chose to include them in my website name! The Elephant’s Trunk not only stands for the actual physical trunk of an elephant but also as a storage box or treasure chest to keep all things meaningful and memorable. Thanks for showing a graphic I’ve never seen before. It’s wonderful! 🐘

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  3. Elephants are huge and beautiful, thanks for sharing such a joyous image. Sadly thousands of elephants are being killed every year for their ivory tusks. If only all of us can strive to ensure the survival of these amazing creatures…

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