British Open Pub in Bonita Springs, Florida

Dining Outside the Home: British Open Pub in Bonita Springs, Florida! As you stroll past the life-size armored knight statue at the entrance to this British-themed restaurant, expect some hearty dishes paired with a cold pint or two. Inside the cozy little pub, choose a barstool, patio table, or comfy booth for semi-private conversations. The menu offers a nice selection of British favorites for a bit of the unusual including Fish & Chips, Pot Roast Pastie, Liver and Onions, or Banger & Mashed. Decisions, decisions. There’s quite a nice group of English Sandwedges for something a little different, especially if you add an order of Chips & Gravy. On second thought, better plan a return visit. Portions are generous, so chances are your eyes may be bigger than your stomach. Take a nontraditional trip “across the pond” without the expense of a plane ticket.

8 thoughts on “British Open Pub in Bonita Springs, Florida

  1. We had a British themed restaurant in Lex called The Pub, but on our first visit there, the music was so loud, we had to yell to hear each other, and the food we saw on tables around the entry did not look like the fish and chips nor faggots we had in England. The place closed down after about a year, even before the pandemic hit, and still sits empty. A real British pub would be nice!

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    • Anytime I sit in an atmosphere like this one, I know they put forth the same effort in their menu. When you see people dining alone in a cozy booth, and the server addresses them by name, you know they’ve become a “regular”. 🇬🇧🍃🍺


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