Clean Eating

Welcome to the world of buzz words. Some call this a lifestyle change, others refer to it as common sense. First of all “Clean Eating” doesn’t mean wash your fruits and vegetables, and yet I suspect you already knew that. Essentially, it means choosing foods that have been minimally processed with natural nutrients being at the forefront. It involves limiting artificial foods as much as you can. Check the ingredient list for added sugars (high fructose corn syrup is a well-known culprit) as well as unhealthy fats (like palm oil). Foods may be craftily disguised as “all-natural” but still contain growth hormones. It’s exhausting. The bottom line? Learn to pay attention to your body’s reaction. It goes a long way to help with weight control and a positive attitude. You can do this! Some of my posts have been favored by the “Food Network” on Twitter (Snapshotsincursive @DornaGail) as well as Ina Garten’s The Barefoot Contessa, on Instagram (gail _dorna). You can even find me on Pinterest at Gail Dorna. I’d love to connect with you there as well. I also met Chef Michelle Tribble of Hell’s Kitchen reality cooking show. Fun times. Experience different flavors and textures one bite at a time. Catch a glimpse of “Eating My Way Through the Alphabet: Clean Eating!”. This remarkable journey of the palate is unique because it gives me a few moments with you. Thanks very much to all of my guests and followers on for the uplifting support, award nominations, and moving words of encouragement.

28 thoughts on “Clean Eating

  1. Yes, Gail, clean food! I read a short book by Michael Pollan, Food Rules (I think those details are right, I gave the book to my sister-in-law so can’t check) which was fun and simple to follow. 💓🤗🙋‍♂️

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  2. I wholly agree with you, Gil, and as a vegetarian, it is easier in particular if you grow organically some of the vegetables and fruits, as I do.
    Thank you, Gail, for writing about this very important topic.


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