Quail Eggs 101

What’s Cooking in Gail’s Kitchen? Graze or Gobble: Quail Eggs 101. You may have noticed, at the grocery, a row of miniature egg cartons featuring cream-colored brown speckled eggs next to the typical domesticated chicken varieties. Introducing quail eggs. As I picked up a carton to place in my shopping cart, the woman next to me asked, “What are you going to do with those?” Sparing her the nutritional value of a super-protein food, I simply smiled and replied, “Oh, I’m going to hard-boil them and then roll each one in za’atar seasoning.” Her face lit up, her head nodded in approval, and she responded with delight, “Yes. Za’atar.” Prepare to pay a little more for these coveted jewels. They are about a third the size of chicken eggs. For special occasions, though, quail eggs are definitely a conversation-starter.



12-15 count quail eggs

Ideas for Serving:

Quail Egg Morning Smoothie

Deviled Quail Eggs

Pickled Quail Eggs

Omelets or Frittatas

Salad Toppers or Garnish

Bacon-Wrapped Quail Eggs

Fried Quail Eggs

As you can see, quail eggs can be the star attraction. Cracking them can take a little practice, due to their size. Avoid using undo force to avoid crushing them into the palm of your hand.

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