Notice the Beauty of NYC’s Central Park

Manhattan’s famous Central Park is New York City’s public haven for recreation, entertainment, community, or solitude. Look in one direction to be greeted by towering monuments. Turn and see. As you stroll in the shadow of the Wisteria Pergola, take a moment to gaze above at the delicate purple tendrils. Inhale the fragrance. Cross over another stone foot bridge, paying close attention to embellished details in ornate finials. The architecture is magnificent. Hear the soothing sound of water spewing forth from angelic fountains. Close your eyes, make a wish, and toss a coin into the crystal clear waters. Natural beauty is visible at every turn. Sights, sounds, and aromas fill the air. What’s that smell? At the edge of the park sits a legendary hot dog vendor offering tasteful sausages in steamed buns with condiment combinations for every palate. Well done, Central Park. 

16 thoughts on “Notice the Beauty of NYC’s Central Park

    • I’m trying out a different theme, Erika. Thanks very much for your feedback. I noticed in order to see the entire phot collage, I needed to click on the center panel. I tried it on my iPhone and iPad to see if the complete image and article came up. For me it did.

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  1. Gail let me tell you, people who have the access to it do not realise the importance and beauty of it.
    When it comes to people who not have it to see with bear eyes and have to see as you have shown here, it seems to be like heaven. πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜€

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