Splurge-Worthy Goodness

All good things come at a cost. And that includes groceries. Most of the general public discovered during the recent pandemic that cooking at home doesn’t necessarily come cheap, especially when attention is paid to the quality and freshness of ingredients. At our core we all understand the things we should do: eat healthy portions, exercise regularly, and get plenty of sleep. It’s pretty basic stuff our mothers drilled into our heads as teenagers. In adulthood we may even find ourselves sounding like our parents, while echoing the same ideas to our kids and family members. Here’s the secret, though. By choosing some organic and natural items even eating desserts can be okay. Be splurge-worthy, like the professionals do. There’s no reason not to. You must value yourself before you can treasure others.

And speaking of the pros…Some of my posts have been favored by the “Food Network” on Twitter (Snapshotsincursive @DornaGail) as well as Ina Garten’s The Barefoot Contessa, on Instagram (gail _dorna). You can even find me on Pinterest at Gail Dorna. I’d love to connect with you there as well. I also met Chef Michelle Tribble of Hell’s Kitchen reality cooking show. Fun times. Experience different flavors and textures as you eat with your eyes. Catch a glimpse of “Eating My Way Through the Alphabet: Splurge-Worthy Goodness!” This remarkable journey of the palate is serendipitous because it gives me a few moments with you. Thanks very much to all of my guests and followers on http://snapshotsincursive.com for the uplifting support, award nominations, and moving words of encouragement. You’re the best.

29 thoughts on “Splurge-Worthy Goodness

  1. ♡ I AM Terrible EveryOne; it’s Crystal Clear Clarity that I Have OverCome My Conditioned UpBringing and, by ALL Recieved Wisdom Accounts, I Should Be Dead…nonetheless; like ‘Little Shop of Horrors’ I AM still Enjoying FOOD!!! “Feed Me; Feed Me NOW!!!” 🍱🌭🍟🍔🌮🦐🦑🦞🥡


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