Foodstuff Redefined

Whether you sit down for a farm-to-table meal, picnic in your own backyard, or pack a Bento Box and go…food can be customized to fit your current needs. Anything goes! Cooking has been reinvented, mixing the old with the new for award-winning results. By choosing your favorite foods, it automatically turns mealtime into an all-star event. And speaking of stars…Some of my recent posts have been favored by the “Food Network” on Twitter (Snapshotsincursive@DornaGail) as well as Ina Garten, The Barefoot Contessa, on Instagram @gail_dorna. This remarkable journey of the palate gives me time with you. Thanks very much to all of my guests and followers on for the uplifting support, award nominations, and moving words of encouragement. What’s Cooking in Gail’s Kitchen? It’s as simple as A-B-C. I love to cook, and my husband loves that I do it often. Most recipes serve 2-4 people, but can be easily modified. Leftovers are golden morsels to be eaten later or shared with others. Seeing a smile of gratitude keeps me going. Feel free to contact me with questions. Now take a deep breath, inhale the aromas, and join me on a tasteful journey entitled, “EATING MY WAY THROUGH THE ALPHABET: FOODSTUFF REDEFINED!”

29 thoughts on “Foodstuff Redefined

  1. I’ve begun to watch Stanley Tucci’s new show on Italian cooking. While I don’t love that it makes me crave carbs, I DO so love the time and attention and enjoyment that goes into cooking and eating in Italy. Makes a difference!

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