Eating My Way Through the Alphabet-A Second Helping!

The Journey Continues……

Eating My Way Through the Alphabet-A Second Helping! The response has been amazing on this journey of the palate. Thanks very much to all of my friends and followers on for your support and encouragement. What’s cooking in Gail’s Kitchen?  Stay tuned and you’ll see more.  It’s as simple as A-B-C.  One of my passions is being at home in my own country kitchen.   I love to cook, and my husband loves that I do it often.  Now more than ever, since I am retired, I relish the thought of creating something delicious from scratch.  I adore time-honored traditions using tried-and-true recipes. Yet, I often never think twice about tweaking old favorites or modifying others to suit the inner craving of the moment.  Most of the recipes serve 2-4 people, but can be altered in any direction.  The leftovers are golden morsels to be eaten again later or shared with others.  And I love to share.  To me, seeing a smile in gratitude is thanks enough. The recipes you will find here in the next several weeks can be prepared very easily.  Feel free to contact me with questions.  Now take a deep breath, inhale the aromas, and join me on a tasteful journey entitled, “EATING MY WAY THROUGH THE ALPHABET-A SECOND HELPING!”

11 thoughts on “Eating My Way Through the Alphabet-A Second Helping!

  1. Even though the writer says she is retired, she is not anywhere near the retirement age, as that is obvious by looking at my beautiful wife’s picture. I just wanted her to stay home with me, which is were I work, so I told her to retire early. Oh and YES I love to be the taste tester. In real life I am the actual test eater because everything she makes is unbelievably fantastic. I’m trying to get her to put a book together [pictures and words] but at this point she is hesitant and I don’t know why.

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