Experience the Holidays!

Experience the Holidays! This year things will be a little different. Unsettling times of chaos and confusion can still accompany satisfying food. Some people will gather virtually, others behind plastic shields, window panes, and face masks. Christmas cards, letters, texts, and phone calls are especially important right now. It is critical to stay connected. Every family has its favorites from the past. Some indulge in time-worn traditions while others enjoy modern classics. As you embrace the holidays with limited companionship, sentimental yearnings, enjoyable food, or jubilant festivities, celebrate the spirit of the season. In the next few weeks, join me as I share festive foods as well as healthy options. Experience the holidays with gifts that never go out of style: Faith, Hope, Joy, and Love. These are the things worth sharing.

18 thoughts on “Experience the Holidays!

  1. I love the holiday season. I have not had as much time as I used to but still some specific things and traditions must be done. It is amazing how thin the cover of the soul is during that time and how strongly it is able to shine.

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  2. “Experience the holidays with gifts that never go out of style: Faith, Hope, Joy, and Love.” Amen, Gail! Praise God for his indescribable gift–his grace–that makes our faith possible, our hope assured, our joy effervescent, and our love for one another enhanced. He IS our everything!

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